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My work has been accepted in many juried competitions and by The Curator of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston. I'm an active member of The Art Association of Newburyport, Massachusetts and live in Fremont, New Hampshire. I sell my original art or you can purchase my images on various inexpensive media thru Fine Art America.

Send me an
email or call at 978-821-7355 to see my original art or photography. I’ve had the good fortune to be an award winning Best in Show fine artist and my only regret is I didn’t start earlier in life! For 20 years I was influenced by working in the graphic arts industry and inspired by the many directors, designers, photographers and artists.

My creative experience in front of the camera as an Agency Model in print and acting in commercials gave me a new perspective after many years shooting photography.  Working for The Ford Agency Boston for 13 years enabled me to use my imagination and life experience to help my process of creative growth.

Developing my own unique understanding of the composition of art has slowly evolved over time.

I produce many different types of work combinations - My work with 3 dimensional mixed media sculpting gypsum, acrylic, pastel and resin on wood or canvas has people seeing art maybe a little different? I first learned acrylic techniques, then using pastel blending combinations.

I always go through a wonderful process of discovery with each piece which makes the journey so exciting, magical and special.  

A Juror from the prestigious Exeter School Gallery comments my work. Bridget’s Pond - "This piece is so full of texture and dynamism you can feel the rough bark of the tree and sense the earth below your feet.  The selective use of base relief on the trees adds just the right amount of depth.  There is great enjoyment in looking at the work from across the room as well as close-up. The Proximity and the effect of different lighting enables you to discover new details with each viewing."                             


I hope you enjoy my art and be creative everyday!